Himax Introduces Improves LED Backlight Technology for Laptop Screens

Himax Technologies has created a technology called CMDI (Cascade Modulated Driver Interface), designed for LED backlight systems used in laptop LCD screens. CDMI technology, patented by the company, allegedly will allow to create thinner and lighter lighting systems, reduce the number of components used in them and reduce their power consumption. Supported resolutions, according to the developer, range up to 1920×1200 pixels. CMDI has already been tested by several laptop vendors and is now in mass production.

In short, CMDI helps reduce PCB use in LCD panels by forming data, control and power circuits directly on a glass substrate (COG, Chip on Glass). This enables panel manufacturers to reduce production costs and design smaller, lighter panels. More importantly, the company says, CMDI offers the ability to integrate panel PCBs and backlight systems into a single unit. The result is a slimmer LED-backlit screen.

For communication between the timing controller and the powerful control circuits, Himax has designed the DETTL (Dual Edge TTL) interface, which is designed to operate with a supply voltage of only 1.8V. For comparison, the RSDS (Reduced Swing Differential Signaling) and mini-LVDS (mini-Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interfaces traditionally used in such cases, as a rule, operate at a voltage of 2.5-3.3 V. Thus, Himax’s development allows to reduce the energy consumption of the panel. In addition, high supported CMDI resolution allows future expansion of applications beyond mobile PC backlighting.

Source: Himax Technologies

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