Brother j650dw driver.


Brother j650dw driver





Brother j650dw driver.


OFS EZ-Bend – Fiber optic cables can be very flexible

OFS presented a new development in the field of fiber optic cables. The technology, dubbed EZ-Bend, is said to be able to simplify and speed up installation in residential environments through the increased flexibility of fiber optic cables. This becomes possible because it becomes possible to bend cables and lay them in such routes that are simply unthinkable when using conventional cables.

Network service providers need cables that are designed to withstand multiple bends. EZ-Bend technology claims to allow fiber optic cables to be routed in much the same simple manner as twisted pair or coaxial cables. Moreover, the installation of fiber optic cables using EZ-Bend technology can be done with the same tools used for installing copper cables, and the cables themselves can bend around sharp corners. At the same time, the level of bending losses is significantly less than in conventional cables.

So, for example, the loss of video signal in a new OFS cable, forming one turn with a radius of 5 mm, is 0.1 dB, while in a conventional optical fiber under the same conditions, the signal would be almost completely lost, which would lead to a disconnection. It is important that the new cables are fully compatible with the existing ones.

Patent pending for OFS design rights has already been filed. OFS EZ-Bend technology will be applied to V-Linx cables due to hit the market next year.

Source: OFS

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