Brother mfc 7440n driver.


Brother mfc 7440n driver





Brother mfc 7440n driver.


MIC2341 and MIC2342 Dual Channel Power Controllers are PCI Express 2 Compliant.0

Micrel, a microcircuit development company, has released two new products under the designations MIC2341 and MIC2342. They are dual channel Hot-Plug power controllers that meet the PCI Express 2 specification.0. Among the MIC2341 and MIC2342 applications, the developer names high-performance processor cards for network equipment, DDR memory cards, embedded systems and cards of Gigabit Ethernet adapters for servers and data storage.

The manufacturer refers to the features of MIC2341 and MIC2342 the presence of the main lines +12 and +3.3 V, and an additional line of +3.3 V, as well as the implementation of the functions of programmable control of the input voltage slew rate, voltage control, programmable current limiting and circuit interruption. The devices support two independent PCI Express slots, are equipped with built-in powerful field-effect transistors (MOSFETS) to power the +3.3 V s auxiliary output at a low current level in the +12 and +3.3 V lines (an important point to ensure operation in standby mode of applications Wake-on-LAN). In addition, two-level, two-speed overcurrent protection and a user-programmable primary overcurrent filter are implemented to eliminate nuisance trips. The presence of separate overcurrent signals in the main and auxiliary power lines and a load detection signal (expansion board installation) are noted. The toolkit only supplies power when a module or expansion board is fully connected. The advantage of the MIC2342 and MIC2341 controllers is the flexibility of control – in the first microcircuit, the main line is blocked if an overcurrent occurs in the additional line, while for the MIC2341, the presence of power on the main line does not depend on whether there is an overcurrent in the additional line.

Both new items are available in 48-pin TQFP packages. They are designed for a temperature range of 0 to + 70 ° C. Wholesale price is $ 4.54 per piece.

Source: Micrel

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