Canon dr 4010c driver.


Canon dr 4010c driver





Canon dr 4010c driver.


Corsair Unveils 32GB USB Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor

Corsair recently announced
replenishment of the product lines of Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor USB memory devices.
Now there are 32 GB storage models among them. New Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager
and Flash Survivor USB Debut At CES 2021 In Las Vegas.

More storage space will now be available to users to store various
data on USB sticks. Flash Voyager Series,
recall that it has a rubberized case, and the Flash Survivor versions differ
waterproof aluminum housing.

Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager
or Flash Survivor USB, as noted, will allow
store up to 16 full-length HD movies or
Season 1 of your favorite TV show “. In addition to the high capacity of new flash drives, a pleasant
the peculiarity is that they are bootable, so in principle,
the owner can carry with him the whole OS with the necessary applications.

Flash Voyager 32GB will cost the buyer $ 230., but
Flash Survivor 32GB priced at $ 250.
Both products are covered by a 10-year proprietary warranty, declared time
MTBF is 1 million. hours.

Source: Corsair

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