Canon mb2000 driver.


Canon mb2000 driver





Canon mb2000 driver.


Huge SideTrack LED screen or almost half a kilometer long advertisement

Canadian company SideTrack Technologies announced that
recently completed the final testing phase of its
system based on light-emitting diodes (LED),
which will be installed in London.

It would seem that unusual in a LED display,
displaying all kinds of information? Development feature
SideTrack has become a size
device, the length of which is almost half a kilometer, 450 meters, if to be
accurate. This installation will be placed on the route of the Heathrow train
Express from Heathrow Airport to London Paddington Station. The target audience for advertising is considerable –
about 100 thousand. people use this route weekly.

Advertisers offering at least a 15-second video will be able to
place your advertisement and illuminate the tunnel with LED lights on
tracks of a train moving at a speed of about 100 km / h.

360 elements of the LED system make up an impressive
450 m screen. Company President Rob Walker noted that the technology
and the method of such advertising is borrowed from the USA, but their product, located in London,
is the largest in Europe.


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