Canon mf4360 driver mac.


Canon mf4360 driver mac





Canon mf4360 driver mac.


Estimated release date for boards based on 55-nm GPU AMD RV770

There is still little reliable information about AMD’s next-generation GPU. At the same time, the source, citing the Taiwanese print edition of the Commercial Times, which is published in Chinese, claims that there is not much time left before the product is released.

The increasing demand for the AMD Radeon HD 3800 (RV670) series video adapters is pushing the manufacturer to take advantage of the situation and strengthen its position in the market by offering more advanced products as soon as possible. This is natural – recall, according to the next report, the company’s graphics division in the fourth quarter brought in revenue of $ 259 million. Doll. It is necessary to justify the purchase of ATI, which has become the company’s biggest expense in recent years.

AMD has reportedly already shipped 55nm RV770 GPU samples to its partners. As for motherboards based on the new processor, their official premiere can be expected in the second quarter, more precisely, closer to the end of the first half of this year.

How does another major player in the graphics accelerator market react to the actions of its main competitor?? According to the Commercial Times, citing unnamed graphics card manufacturers, NVIDIA also intends to increase the pace of new products. In particular, this concerns the release of the GPU G100 (D9x). Unfortunately, there is no more definite information on this issue yet.

Source: DigiTimes

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