Canon mf8300c series.


Canon mf8300c series





Canon mf8300c series.


Silicon Power launches Slim Drive with MicroSD card inside

Silicon Power decided to combine a card reader, a memory card and a regular flash drive into one device, having released a solution with the cumbersome name Combo Slim Drive with Micro SD inside and a much more compact design.

Accordingly, when a user needs a memory card, for example, in a mobile phone, he can easily remove it from the adapter, and the rest of the time use the device as a regular USB drive.

Compact dimensions (30 x 12.2 x 2.25 mm) allow Slim Drive to be used as a key fob for a bunch of keys.

Initially, models with a memory card capacity of 1 and 2 GB will be released, but no one bothers to use their own cards.

The novelty has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Prices and speed characteristics not reported.

Source: Silicon Power

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