Canoscan n650u driver.


Canoscan n650u driver





Canoscan n650u driver.


Vantec StingRay Mini STG-110: air-sized liquid cooler

Vantec has presented a very unusual cooling system for the CPU, the StingRay Mini STG-110 liquid cooler, whose dimensions do not exceed those of traditional air cooling solutions.

Despite its compactness, the cooler is equipped with a built-in pump, a reservoir for liquid (unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate data on the performance of the CBO). Additional airflow is provided by a 92-mm fan, adjustable in the range of 1200-2800 rpm./ min rotation speed and noise level 24-36 dBa.

It would be interesting to know about the efficiency of pipes with a cooling liquid in comparison with heat pipes, which are now available in a large number of even those approaching budget air coolers in positioning, but Vante does not provide such an opportunity.

In general, the novelty looks like a product for overclocking enthusiasts, whose priority is the efficiency of the cooling system, and not noiselessness – after all, the pump will also contribute to the noise of the StingRay Mini STG-110.

The cooler is compatible with all modern Intel and AMD processor mounts.

Source: Vantec

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