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AMD’s next integrated chipset looks preferable to NVIDIA, manufacturers say

The next generation of chipsets with an integrated graphics core in the person of AMD RS780 and NVIDIA MCP78 IGP should appear on the market in the current quarter.

Motherboard manufacturers are already weighing which of them to give preference, and the AMD product looks to them more preferable in terms of performance, as well as for reasons of power consumption and heat dissipation.

The RS780 is currently 15-20% faster in popular test applications and does not require fancy cooling systems, unlike the flagship MCP 78U, which requires a heatpipe heatsink, significantly increasing the price of the final product.

In addition, NVIDIA has certain problems with the release of suitable chipsets, which has not yet made it possible to provide them in sufficient quantities for all interested motherboard manufacturers, which means that we will most likely not see their mass launch until the beginning of February.

At the same time, AMD has no reason to further postpone the RS780 debut from January 23.

Source: DigiTimes

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