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Casio cw 100.


USBee: a flash drive concept that’s hard to break

A very original and practical concept of a flash drive was presented by Damian Stankovic, who with him became the winner of the competition for the best industrial design of a device with a USB interface, held by Microsoft.

Which of our readers have not come across a situation when a flash drive is touched by a careless movement of an arm, leg or, for example, a chair? We think they are the majority. After such an incident, the flash drive often has to be thrown away or repaired if it contains important information.

The USBee drive will help you avoid the hassle in this situation, since the USB connector is separated from the NAND chip itself and is attached to it with wires.

A flexible adapter from the connector to the working part ensures the normal functioning of the drive, even with a strong bend.

It is possible that the idea will soon be supported by manufacturers and we will see such devices on sale.

Source: Yanko Design

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