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Roccat Valo: a truly “combat” keyboard

Together with the Kone mouse, which we wrote about a little earlier, Roccat also announced the Valo gaming keyboard.

Just like the manipulator, this solution is equipped with built-in memory capable of storing macros recorded by the player. In this case, the ROM volume is 2 MB, which is enough to store several hundred thousand combinations of keys rubberized to avoid slipping fingers in five profiles (the manufacturer counted 420 thousand macros, each of which can provide individual delays in the time of pressing different keys).

Macro Record / Pause / Kill keys allow you to record a new combination without leaving the game. Switching between profiles is carried out by pressing one key.

LED illumination will allow you to conveniently operate Valo even at night, without the lights on.

In keeping with tradition for products of this level, Roccat has integrated a microphone, headphone output and USB hub into the keyboard.

Naturally, the manufacturer took care of the absence of the “sticking” effect when pressing several keys at the same time. Windows, Shift, Caps-Lock and Tab keys can be disabled during gameplay to avoid accidentally pressing and minimizing the program to the taskbar.

Finally, a small two-line LCD is capable of displaying useful information while a full-screen application is running.

The appearance of new items on the European market should be expected in February. The Roccat Valo will be priced at 99 euros.

Source: Roccat

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