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KanguruDefender Pro USB stick protects data as best it can

Demand for solutions that provide secure storage and transportation of data is not diminishing, which prompts manufacturers to release new devices that meet this need. An example of such a device is a new product from Kanguru Solutions called KanguruDefender Pro. According to the manufacturer, this USB flash drive is intended primarily for consumers in government, medical and financial institutions.

The design of the drive combines two aspects of security: first, hardware encryption using the AES algorithm; secondly, a durable, burglar-resistant metal case.

According to the company, the case is made in such a way that it is impossible to remove the memory chip from it without damaging it enough to exclude the possibility of reading information. In addition, each drive has a unique identifier to simplify accounting and access control.

KanguruDefender Pro drives are available in 1 ($ 65), 2 ($ 85), and 4 ($ 130) GB sizes and multiple color options. In addition, the manufacturer offers the application of logos or arbitrary text on the body.

Source: Kanguru Solutions

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