Dell 1135n drivers.


Dell 1135n drivers





Dell 1135n drivers.


Customizers: RegRun Security Suite v.five.6 Beta

Released a new version of RegRun Security Suite, a universal set of utilities designed to optimize and tune Windows operating systems. The core of the program is the StartUp manager, which provides the user with access to the autorun process of programs, with the function of analyzing registry keys, INI and VXD files for changes, as well as the ability to clean OS start. The Resident Monitor (Watch Dog) and the System Files Protection utility track changes made to the startup lists, registry and system files during the entire Windows session, and if changes are detected, they allow you to rollback. In addition, the program can implement batch and delayed launch of necessary programs, interact with the most popular anti-virus packages and warn the user about the need to check certain files for infection with viruses, displays a list of all currently open files, has a Registry Assistant utility for operation with registry and Black List function to automatically block the launch of new applications. There is also an Application Database, using which the Watch Dog utility monitors the launch of applications and, if any questions arise, notifies the user about it.

There are no details about this release.

Download RegRun Security Suite v.five.6 Beta from there (Shareware, Windows All):

  • Platinum Edition (10.6 MB)

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