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Dell 6gbps sas hba driver





Dell 6gbps sas hba driver.


Taiwan takes seriously water cooling for Intel X38 Express motherboards – ASUS Maximus Extreme / Formula

ASUS has released a new motherboard in the ROG series – Maximus Extreme / Formula. Equipped with Intel X38 chipset, this motherboard offers users
good overclocking capabilities, which makes it a suitable solution for overclockers and

ASUS Fusion Block System heatpipe technology with specially designed heatsink enables water-cooling connectivity
(CBO), and does not require replacing the chipset heatsink. Besides
MSI HydroGenX38,
this is at least the second motherboard based on this chipset with CBO. With the Fusion Block System, users can simultaneously cool the power transistors, northbridge and southbridge to achieve high performance with reliable cooling.

ROG Maximus Extreme / Formula offers users two unique features to boost processor performance at a low cost. CPU Level Up function will increase processor performance without special skills.
It is reported that the user just needs to select the desired frequency and the rest for
it will be made by the motherboard itself. Another feature – Extreme Tweaker – allows you to fine-tune various parameters step by step and allows serious overclockers to achieve
greater system performance.

Designed specifically for gamers, ROG Maximus Extreme motherboard can support multiple graphics adapters. In addition, it is equipped with ASUS Crosslinx technology, which, using a special controller, distributes PCIe lanes and allows each of the slots to work in x8 mode. When using three video cards in CrossFire mode, PCIe lanes are distributed as follows: x16, x8, x8 instead of x16, x16, x4.

Power tuning is also important in order to achieve high performance.
Voltiminder LED technology helps users keep track of CPU, Northbridge, Southbridge, and memory voltages.
In turn, COP EX technology allows you to increase the voltage on the chipset without fear of overheating. In addition, it can be used to monitor the temperature of the GPU.


Source: ASUS

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