Dell wireless 1397 wlan mini-card upgrade to n.


Dell wireless 1397 wlan mini-card upgrade to n





Dell wireless 1397 wlan mini-card upgrade to n.


I-O Data launches up to 1TB HDL-GS NAS

Network storages with media center functions are becoming more and more popular among users, and manufacturers are happy to meet them halfway by releasing more and more new NAS models.

So, the other day the Japanese I-O Data presented its new family of entry-level network storage devices, HDL-GS, built on the basis of a single 3.5 “hard drive.

In mid-December, deliveries of models with a volume of 250 GB ($ 221), 320 GB ($ 241), 500 GB ($ 282), 1 TB ($ 676) should begin.

All new items will be equipped with a gigabit network controller and a USB port for connecting to a local PC for backup, connecting an external HDD, digital camera and other tasks.

Devices have DLNA support, remote control capability, compatible with all current generation game consoles.
Cooling provided by two fans.

I-O Data drives are 42 x 195 x 147 mm and weighs 1.4 kg.

Source: PC Watch

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