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Dell wireless 1502 802.11b/g/n.


CodeGear Announces 3rdRail Release

CodeGear announced the release of a new integrated development environment (IDE) for Ruby on Rails (RoR), an open source framework developed in the Ruby language that has gained popularity among web application developers.

Despite the fact that web application developers have appreciated the high performance of RoR and the ease of creating large-scale Web 2.0 applications, the user experience of this system is slowed down by operations and manual processes. The CodeGear 3rdRail IDE includes some advanced productivity features that make it much easier and faster for both novice and experienced Rails users to develop database-driven Web applications.

Key features of CodeGear 3rdRail:

  • Code Navigation: 3rdRail enables fast and efficient restructuring of applications. The dependency mapping feature uses a combination of parsing and semantic analysis to represent all the interdependent elements of a project. The system’s understanding of the structure of the RoR application allows developers to focus only on the necessary code segment.
  • CodeGear Commanders: CodeGear Commanders provides a command line interface for RoR for working with the code generator and other tasks, and also integrates with the IDE. For example, the output of commands adding a model or view is immediately displayed in the IDE. The output of the command results is carried out in the form of hyperlinks, so clicking on any created file or folder opens these objects in the IDE.
  • Intelligent Code Completion: Allows developers to write programs more accurately and faster, as they no longer have to remember subtleties such as object types, methods and method signatures. 3rdRail Code Completion includes a set of powerful integrated modules for method selection, parameter selection and syntax checking. 3rdRail is able to determine the context of the developer’s work and, based on its features and project semantics, predict what functions will be in demand by the user. Instead of a drop-down list of hundreds of items, 3rdRail only displays the required items. Code Completion in 3rdRail has reached such a high level that it allows you to include methods that are created dynamically at runtime.
  • Source Code Refactoring: 3rdRail includes technology built specifically for RoR that allows developers to improve and simplify app designs. With 3rdRail’s source code refactoring tools, developers can refactor code without changing the result.
  • Comprehensive Runtime: 3rdRail has a complete Ruby on Rails runtime including databases, Ruby, Rails, Gem manager and a set of separate Gem modules and tools. The package includes a developer license InterBase – CodeGear DBMS for integrated and corporate applications.
  • Productivity Wizard: In addition to using the RoR generators built into CodeGear Commanders, 3rdRail applies Productivity Wizards to combine multi-step actions into one operation.
  • Web development tools: Mozilla browser, JavaScript debugging, Document Object Model validation, request monitoring, and other tools to help developers edit and manage any network product.
  • Eclipse Compatibility: 3rdRail is built on top of the Eclipse core, providing full compatibility with a wide range of Eclipse platform tools and plugins, both commercial and open source.

3rdRail is already on sale. The solution supports Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. This product is now available for purchase at a special introductory price of 239 Euros (including one year of maintenance). The total cost of the solution will be 319 Euro.

3rdRail is part of the CodeGear family of products, which also includes JGear; JBuilder; CodeGear RAD Studio, Delphi for Win32, PHP and .NET; C ++ Builder; and InterBase.

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