Dlink wua 2340.


Dlink wua 2340





Dlink wua 2340.


A-DATA Releases Stylish “USB Flash Drive” T703 Mickey Flash Drive

A-DATA Technology recently introduced a USB flash drive,
which is stylized as Disney’s Mickey Mouse. In the assortment of other companies,
recall, there are also similar “cartoons” –
DAP by iriver.

The full name of the new item is A-DATA Theme Series T703 Mickey Flash Drive. This is a “flash drive” with ears, one of
which is a USB connector, and the second one performs
functions of the key fob holder – a thread or chain can be threaded through the eyelet.

Stylish “flash drive” T703 is lightweight – only 15 g, looks good and allows
hold from 1 to 8 GB of data (depending on the model), which is not so little.

Source: A-DATA

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