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Utilities: ICE Book Reader Professional v.eight.nine.2

Developers from the ICE Graphics company announce the release of a new version of ICE Book Reader Professional, an indispensable program for all those who prefer to read electronic versions of books instead of their paper counterparts. ICE Book Reader Professional supports many formats (TXT, RTF, HTML, MS Word, PALM books (.PDB and .PRC), LIT), can read files from ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH, HA archives without using external archivers.

The program has ultra smooth scrolling with precise control of the scrolling speed, automatically adjusts the scrolling speed, full text antialising, super scrolling with subpixel precision, wave scrolling, full support for Unicode and all known encodings, automatic recognition of Russian encodings, automatic text reformatting, artificial intelligence system , which recognizes the text format, automatic text coloring, and all this and much more is free for residents of ex-USSR.

The book export function turns from ICE Book Reader Professional from just a reader to a file converter. With the ability to automatically reformat books in automatic mode. Thus, if you pass a regular text file through ICE Book Reader Professional, and convert it to MS Word DOC, then all paragraphs will be correctly recognized in it. This means that the text will no longer require additional manual work, as it happens when manually exporting documents to MS Word.

The new version adds an instant stop while reading aloud, added saving of the read position while reading aloud, added the command line parameter / NoScanLib, fixed the list of authors in the book editing dialog, fixed a crash if ICE Reader is minimized to tray and auto- hiding the toolbar, fixed moving books in Vista mode, if the / books_path parameter is used, fixed saving the cursor position in the library after restarting ICE Reader, updated the memory manager, made many minor fixes. Read more here.

Download ICE Book Reader Professional v.eight.nine.2 can be found here (2.0 MB, Freeware, Windows All).

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