GE Fanuc Embedded Systems VP11 and VR11 Single Board Computers use Intel processors

Following the CC11 and CL11 3U CompactPCI Single Board Computers (SBCs), GE Fanuc Embedded Systems announced two more SBC products, this time 6U VMEbus.

VP11 and VR11 products, like their predecessors, are designed for Intel dual-core processors, including models of the Intel Core 2 Duo family. Since the VP11 and VR11 single board computers are intended for use in automation systems, simulators, communications, test and measurement equipment, they are characterized by increased resistance to external influences.

The VR11 occupies one slot and is a direct replacement for the VP9 and VR9 models; VP11 computer occupies two slots.

Computers can be configured with up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM. To improve reliability, memory chips are soldered to the board instead of being installed as a separate module. VP11 has two slots for PMCs (Mezzanine PCI Modules) and a hard disk drive or CompactFlash card. Smaller VR11 can be equipped with two PMCs or one module and one hard disk drive.

Both computers are equipped with graphics (maximum resolution – SXGA) and sound subsystems. Declared support for Windows, Linux, VxWorks and Integrity.

Source: GE Fanuc Embedded Systems

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