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Dvico fusionhdtv.


Apple will become the exclusive buyer of the top-end Xeon?

The Inquirer, citing confidential sources, reports that Apple will become a near-exclusive purchaser of the top Penryn-based Intel Xeon processors, which will be available in early November.

Intel first demonstrated a processor known as the X5482 and clocked at 3.16 GHz in April this year at the Intel Developer Forum. According to The Inquirer’s sources, almost all X5482 processors will initially be supplied by Apple, while competitors such as Dell or HP will receive small quantities, and then only in order to fulfill promises and introduce new models on time.

Mac Pro workstations have remained largely unchanged since their introduction at WWDC 2021 last August. During this time, they have only “overgrown” with additional options – such as the ability to install quad-core processors or RAID controllers.

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