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Dwa 566.


SP001U Music Can – acoustic banks with USB connection

Taiwan-based Coagent has included a pair of USB-connected loudspeakers in its range. Product named SP001U Music Can USB Speaker System. Both data and power are received via the USB bus. Due to its compact size, products in the form of “cans” may appeal to laptop owners.

The manufacturer notes the high sound quality and the original shape of the speaker enclosures. The SP001U has a maximum output power of 1W per channel, which in most cases is sufficient for a mobile workstation. In case of transportation, the cable is neatly tucked inside the case, and the speakers themselves dock together, forming a compact cylinder (in the second photo).

Technical details:

  • Plug & Play technology support;
  • Maximum output power – 1 + 1 W;
  • The range of reproducible frequencies – 20 – 20,000 Hz;
  • Signal-to-noise ratio – no worse than 80 dB;
  • USB cable length – 40 cm; the cable is removed inside the speaker;
  • Dimensions – 140 x 75 x 81.2mm;
  • Weight – 259.5 g.

Source: Coagent

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