Dwl g520 driver.


Dwl g520 driver





Dwl g520 driver.


GOTVIEW: Announcement of GOTVIEW X5 DVD Hybrid PCI-E TV Tuner

GOTVIEW Announces New GOTVIEW X5 DVD Hybrid PCI-Express TV Tuner. The new product uses the Xcieve XC5000 as a channel selector. This selector allows you to receive analog and digital (DVB-T) TV and radio channels. It has better sensitivity and selectivity compared to XC2028 and XC3028, as well as lower power consumption. Currently, the XC5000 selector is not yet widely used by TV tuner manufacturers and GOTVIEW is among the first to use this chipset in its new model.

Conexant CX23887 chipset with 10-bit ADC will be used as a decoder. In addition to the decoder, the chipset includes a hardware three-band equalizer. An important distinguishing feature of the CX23887, in comparison with the CX23885 already used by TV tuner manufacturers, is the digital hardware comb filter (3D Comb Filter).

Responsible for hardware compression is the Conexant CX23417 chipset, which is able not only to compress video and audio streams in MPEG 1 and 2 formats, but also to improve image quality thanks to a hardware noise reduction filter.

Operation in digital mode (DVB-T) is provided by a COFDM-demodulator (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) Intel CE 6353. Since a digital stream is being received, users have the right to expect the software to be able to record this stream without additional re-encoding. It is convenient to separate video and audio streams for recording to CD and DVD media. Also important is the function of recording the entire traffic stream, which makes it possible to record all TV and radio channels at once for later viewing or listening, highlighting the desired channel from the stream. All this is implemented in the GOTVEW PRO program. Supports recording to ISO / IEC 13818-1 Program Stream, Packetized Elementary Streams and the entire transport stream to ISO / IEC 13818-1 Transport Stream.

The TV tuner, in addition to working with the standard GOTVIEW RPO program, is supported by MCE multimedia shells in Windows XP MCE 2021 and Vista. The novelty will go on sale in the Russian market at the end of 2021, the cost has not yet been announced.

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