Dynex wireless g.


Dynex wireless g





Dynex wireless g.


HDMI cable 100 meters long?

The solution, developed by Gennum, allows HDMI source and receiver to be connected at distances of up to 100 meters, which is currently an industry record, according to the developers. Thus, it was possible to supplement the high quality indicators of the HDMI standard with an increased communication range. Previously, transmission of high-definition video over a single cable over this distance was not possible, says Gennum.

The solution, which may be in demand in both the professional and consumer markets, includes the transmitter and receiver ICs (GV8500 and GV8501), which provide HDMI signal transmission over an inexpensive cable. Significantly, the solution supports current and previous HDMI versions, including 1.eleven.2 and 1.3, ensuring backward compatibility with existing hardware.

Gennum says the design is already being used by major cable manufacturer Belden on its HD5000 series of HDMI cables. In addition, Gefen was interested in the solution and used it in a product called VGA to HDMI Extender. Extender allows you to transfer HDMI signal over a standard VGA cable. In other words, it makes it possible to use existing VGA wiring when upgrading equipment when new components have an HDMI or DVI interface. The maximum transmission range of sound and image signals in this case is 30 meters. Belden and Gefen products support a maximum bit rate of 10.2 Gbps.

Source: Gennum

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