Cleaners: Advanced Uninstaller PRO v.eight.five.2

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an easy-to-use program with which you can easily completely remove installed programs from your computer. Just select the application you need from the list, and Advanced Uninstaller PRO will do the rest by itself. There is a Startup Manager, a module for managing programs that are automatically launched at system boot, as well as displaying detailed information for each entry. There is a registry cleaner, system resource optimizer, defragmenter, backup module, etc.d. Advanced Uninstaller PRO allows you to clean cookies, navigation history and records of more than a hundred programs (including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, MSN, WinZip, Kazaa, RealPlayer and others).

Download Advanced Uninstaller PRO v.eight.five.2 from there (15.6 MB, Shareware, Windows XP / Vista).

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