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Full-HD will be “beaten” by the Japanese format – 7680×4320 and 22.2-channel audio – Ultra High-Definition TV

NHK, the Japanese state broadcaster, delivered
in front of their engineers an interesting but rather difficult task. And while
users all over the world are striving to get their hands on technology (players,
screens) Full-HD format, Japanese researchers from NHK are preparing
a new format that should exceed the current parameters at times

The screens are getting bigger, and the consumer is evaluating them more and more closely
characteristics, demanding more and more picture quality. This leads to progress
in the industry, manufacturers are offering increasingly high-quality HD products.

NHK Research Engineer, Masuru Kanazawa
Kanazawa), gave the BBC some details
developing the future. He noted that the technology that is being developed in his
company, is designed primarily for the average user, so this technique
will be relatively inexpensive.

The typical screen for the new video format, Super Hi-Vision, should be
60 “diagonal screen that should not be viewed from close up
distance. The 60-inch screen is, of course, large, but only for today’s
by standards, we should not forget that since the 1950s TVs have grown in diagonal,
but initially it was only ~ 12 “. At CES-2021 between
themes, much larger screens were shown – up to 150 “.

NHK is working closely with developers of large diagonal screens. Her
the new video format can and will be used not only at home in
living room, but also in public places. Super Hi-Vision, or, as it is also called,
Ultra High-Definition TV amazes with its characteristics – the maximum
picture resolution is 7680×4320 pixels, which is 16 times more than Full-HD. On the
today, however, there are only two cameras that are able to shoot
video of such clarity. They are bulky and can only shoot up to 20 min. video, 18
of which take up about 3.5 TB.

To display video in this resolution, researchers already have in their
disposal of a specially designed 500-inch (!) screen.
Such screens will be used in cinemas. Moreover,
the audio system of such an impressive display device supports a unique
audio format – 22.2-channel audio.

NHK’s Ultra High-Definition TV Technology Interested in Government,
which allocates for research and development about 2.7 million. Doll.
and Hollywood represented by the NAB (National Association of
Broadcasters). The new high definition video format is expected to become
standard by about 2021, in the very same NHK set up
less optimistic and believe that the technology will become widespread not
before 2025…

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