Unotron GermStopper: New Generation Washable Keyboards Get Antimicrobial Protection

Unotron, the developer of SpillSeal technology that makes washable keyboards, announced the release of a new product – GermStopper SpillSeal Washable Corded Keyboard S6000K. The long name hides an elegant keyboard for a PC, which, in addition to being resistant to “water procedures”, has received antimicrobial properties and a softer key mechanism, according to the manufacturer, making it easier to type.

As a reminder, Unotron SpillSeal keyboards and mice designed for medical, educational and government institutions can be completely submerged in water or disinfectant solution.

A special feature of the new keyboard is the use of a material containing an additive based on silver ions. Silver ions in plastic parts of the SpillSeal Washable Corded Keyboard S6000K prevent the spread of infections.

According to the source, the use of silver-based antimicrobial materials is widespread in Japan and is now rapidly gaining traction in the US and Europe.

Source: Unotron

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