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Event EZBUS Audio Recording Interface With Digital Mixer Gig bag-sized bit digital mixer/interface/control surface. Jan 17,  · Event EZbus Manual. January 17, September 19, phrog. So after quite some time searching the internets for a pdf for my Event EZbus. Recently I found it in the archive. I know others must be searching for this as I have, so.. If that is you, here ya go. EZbus Reference Guide V1_0 pdf. Quickstart Tutorials V pdf. Double-click on the file to update your EZbus firmware. While the firmware is updating, the EZbus LCD will read: 1. Programming serial eeprom 2. Programming flash memory 3. Powercycle to reset. After the last message, turn off your EZbus, wait a few moments, then turn your EZbus back on. Your EZbus will now contain the EZbus_11_27 firmware.


Event ezbus.Event Electronics Ezbus: USB Interface/Controller/Digital Mixer

Dec 29,  · Event EZbus – Under Construction 12/31/10 This page is intended to help current and new owners of the Event EZbus Digital Mixer. Aug 01,  · Digital recording systems keep getting more affordable, and the new EZbus from Event Electronics is an excellent example of that ted Reading Time: 3 mins. Mar 29,  · How to set up the EZbus digital mixer for audio, and as a MIDI control surface, in Windows 7. See “more” for Reaper template/keymap link and any additional i.
Event EZbus – Under Construction 12/31/10
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Event Electronics Ezbus: USB Interface/Controller/Digital Mixer

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The Japanese create the world’s fastest vector supercomputer

Japan’s NEC Corporation Announces World’s Fastest Vector Supercomputer, SX-9. The new product demonstrates a peak performance of 839 TFLOPS. According to the company, this is 102.4 GFLOPS per core, which is a world record for performance.

At the heart of the supercomputer are newly developed processors that share up to 1TB of RAM and an ultra-fast interconnect network that transfers data at a speed of 128GB / s. Interestingly, surpassing all its predecessors in performance, the SX-9 is about three quarters more compact and consumes three quarters less energy. The use of large-scale integrated circuits and high packing density helped to achieve this result.

Unlike scalar supercomputers, which use a large number of general-purpose processors, vector supercomputers are optimized for certain classes of tasks and processing large amounts of data. In particular, their advantages are noticeable in those areas that are called the main for the SX-9: meteorological forecasting, hydrodynamic modeling, material modeling for the benefit of nanotechnology and polymer chemistry. The supercomputer runs SUPER-UX, a specialized UNIX-like system that unlocks the potential of vector architecture.

To date, the company has delivered more than 1000 SX series computers to customers, which includes the SX-9 model. The SX-9 supercomputer will be shown to the public at the NEC Pavilion at Supercomputing 2021, which will be held in the United States from November 10 to 16.

Source: NEC

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