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Palit 8500GT Super + 1GB: when memory is four times more than you need

Palit Microsystems Marketing Department Apparently Doesn’t Read News Sites. Otherwise, how can one explain the fact that the newly released 8500GT Super + 1GB video card was named by the manufacturer as the “world’s first” available product with such an amount of RAM?.

Meanwhile, our readers may remember the Gainward Bliss 8600 GT 1024MB TV DD, which hardly costs much more.

A really remarkable feature of the novelty is the proprietary cooling system, very similar to the one we saw on the fresh 8800GT from the same manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate whether the accelerator frequencies are increased relative to the reference design, but judging by the fact that DDR2 is used, at least one cannot count on memory overclocking.

It is hardly necessary to count on an increase in performance from an increase in the amount of RAM while maintaining a 128-bit memory access interface.

However, Palit promises that the pockets of 8500GT Super + 1GB customers will not be too empty, which means that the price of such a solution will not be too different from the usual one. In this state of affairs, the novelty can be quite interesting.

Source: Palit Microsystems

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