Fi 5220c.FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series “fi-5220C”


Fi 5220c


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fiC/fiC Image Scanner Getting Started v Safety Precautions Do not damage the AC cable. Use only specifie d AC cables and connector cables. Use this scanner only at the indicated power voltage. Do not connect to multiple-power strips. Do not touch the AC cable with wet hands. Wipe any dust from the power Size: 1MB. The Fujitsu fiC scanner is the only workgroup class unit that offers ultrasonic double feed detection and long document scanning support (up to 34 inches). This scanner now features hard card scanning capability (ISO standard) and embossed card scanning through the 3/5(1). HINT fiC/fiC Image Scanner Getting Started Use only the AC adapter provided by the manufacturer. The Function Number Display and the LED may flash for an instant when plugging the AC cable into the outlet.


Fi 5220c.: fujitsu fic

Für den fiC/fiC wird folgendes bescheinigt: In Übereinsstimmung mit den Bestimmungen der EN(CE) funkentstört Maschinenlärminformationsverordnung 3. Nov 26,  · Software Downloads of fiC / fiC. Archived content. NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date. Fujitsu Feed Roller for fiC/C/C/C Scanners (Used to be PAY) For use with: fiC 25ppm Scanner / Parts fiC2 25ppm Scanner / Parts fiC 25ppm Scanner / Parts fiC2 25ppm Scanner / Parts fiC 25ppm Scanner / Parts fiC 25ppm Scanner / Parts – Rollers & Pads – Fujitsu.
Fujitsu fi-5220C – document scanner Series Specs & Prices
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Fujitsu fiC Driver for Windows 10, macOS & more | VueScan
Software Downloads: fi-5120C / fi-5220C
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