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Ge force 4 mx440.


Seagate unveils new solutions

Seagate Technology Unveils Maxtor BlackArmor Storage Appliance Designed to Improve the Security and Availability of Digital Content. This solution is an external storage device with AES encryption, built on the basis of Central Axis software for secure remote access and file sharing on existing Maxtor Shared Storage II network storage devices. Seagate announced these products at CES 2021, while unveiling the new PipelineHD Series dedicated drives for digital video recorders (DVRs), a number of enhancements to the popular FreeAgent hard drive line, along with an expansion of its portable wireless D.A.V.E. drives.

Maxtor BlackArmor – 2.5 “160GB Portable External Storage with Data Encryption. This device is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to provide the highest level of data protection for consumer devices.

The use of SeagateSecure technology allows this device to maintain data integrity if it is lost or stolen. Maxtor BlackArmor drives expected to ship in Q2 2021. The MSRP of the device will be $ 150. The device will come with the Maxtor Manager software package, which is responsible for automatic backups and the ability to synchronize with multiple computers.

Maxtor Central Axis software is a software solution that provides convenient and secure access and exchange of data stored on the Maxtor Shared Storage II network storage device via a web connection. Coming in March, Maxtor Central Axis technology is expected to be built for existing Maxtor Shared Storage II solutions.

Seagate has partnered with several companies such as Sanyo, HarmanBecker and PortoMedia to integrate the D technology platform.A.V.E. (Digital Audio Video Experience) into their applications, thereby providing them with substantial wireless portable storage. Technology D.A.V.E. will be part of the next generation of HarmanBecker high-end car media servers for storing movies, music and games, which can also serve as a platform for adapting digital content to user requirements. In addition, technology D.A.V.E. will allow you to easily and quickly download standard and high definition movies, TV programs, music and much more within the framework of PortoMedia – a mobile data delivery system. Also, this technology will provide high definition digital video storage for digital cameras Sanyo Xacti Digital Movie Camera.

The Seagate FreeAgent family of external hard drives will add more devices and will be cross-platform compatible with support for MAC OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. FreeAgent Pro 1TB and Compact FreeAgent Go drives up to 250GB available in Q1 2021. Seagate provides a 5-year warranty on FreeAgent Pro, Desktop, and Go external hard drives.

PipelineHD Series – The New Family of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Hard Drives. The storage capacity will range from 320 GB to 1 TB, which will allow high-end home media centers to store hundreds of hours of high-definition video. The PipelineHD family, optimized for multimedia files, is capable of operating at drive enclosure temperatures up to 75 ° C, which improves system reliability and extends the lifespan of DVRs and home media centers. In addition, the drives in this family provide low noise levels during operation, and also have sufficient performance for streaming high-definition video.

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