Geeforce 8200.


Geeforce 8200





Geeforce 8200.


Fujitsu and Vivante to jointly develop an LSI with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 for mobile

Fujitsu and Vivante enter into an agreement to jointly develop large-scale integrated circuits for portable electronics devices such as cell phones and universal players.

Vivante’s rich experience in developing mobile GPUs that combine high performance and low power consumption, and advanced Fujitsu 65nm semiconductor chip technology, are expected to create a competitive product in a short time.

Embedded LSIs will include a Vivante 3D processor that meets the OpenGL ES 2 specification.0 and other application programming interfaces (APIs). This is said to allow for easy portability of software from PCs and other platforms to mobile devices.

Joint development products should hit the market in the second half of next year. Fujitsu will be engaged in their promotion.

Source: Vivante

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