Geforce 4 mmx 440.


Geforce 4 mmx 440





Geforce 4 mmx 440.


Less than half a year: Samsung starts shipping a terabyte hard drive SpinPoint F1

With an official press release, the South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the start of shipments of SpinPoint F1 hard disk drives with a volume of 1 TB, the release of which was announced almost six months ago, this summer.

Recall that these drives, designated HD103UJ, are 3.5 inches. To store information in hard drives, three platters are used, which allows us to speak of a record recording density. The drives are designed for corporate storage, personal video recorders, desktop PCs and more.

In addition to the previously published information, one can note the low power consumption of devices, realized with the help of several original developments of the company. According to the company, the F1 Series consumes less power under equal conditions than any other hard drive in its class. Power consumption is 6.7 W idle, 7.2 W random access.

Another feature of the drives, not previously noted, is the use of Samsung SilentSeek technology, which reduces noise and vibration. Standby noise level is 2.7 Bels, according to the company.

Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB MSRP is $ 399.

Source: Samsung Electronics

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