Geforce 7100 nforce 630i.


Geforce 7100 nforce 630i





Geforce 7100 nforce 630i.


Tagan Turbojet Plus Series 1300W – power supply for extreme sports

Tagan has introduced a new power supply unit Tagan Turbojet Plus Series 1300W, focused on gamers and extreme enthusiasts.

This model has six independent power lines and patented connectors for easy connection. Proprietary Tagan Silent Control Technology (TSCT) reduces noise during normal operation by up to 30 dB, and the Thermal Fan Control function automatically changes the fan speed, controlling the temperature inside the unit. Another proprietary REMI technology is designed to eliminate interference and noise, which protects connected devices and prolongs their life, while OVP and OCP functions prevent sudden voltage surges that can negatively affect peripheral devices.

The efficiency of the novelty exceeds 80%. Two 6- and two 8-pin PCI-E connectors, six Molex and 12 SATA connectors should be sufficient for any modern configuration, including NVIDIA SLI, Quad-SLI and ATI Crossfire systems.

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