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Geforce 7500 le





Geforce 7500 le.


Samsung has a ready-to-use OLED display with a diagonal of 31 “

Samsung SDI has 31-inch display ready, Reuters reports. It will be shown in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Recall that a relatively serial similar product is the 11-inch OLED TV XEL-1, announced in November by Sony. The word “relatively” is explained by the fact that its supplies are extremely limited and will not exceed several thousand in the near future, which on the scale of the world market is a drop in the ocean.

It is known about the Samsung SDI solution that the thickness of the display module itself is only 4.3 mm, and it consumes half the power of the current 32-inch TFT panels.

Samsung’s development is devoid of the Achilles heel of OLED displays – its claimed lifespan is 35 thousand hours, which is quite enough for most users.

The timing of the start of mass production of such panels directly depends on the market interest in them, says Samsung. Let’s remind, Sony XEL-1 costs 1,700 dollars, how much a 31-inch monitor or TV made using OLED technology can cost, we can only assume for now ..

Source: Reuters

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