Geforce 840a.


Geforce 840a





Geforce 840a.


d_skin – “second skin” for optical media

As you know, the most common cause of the “death” of optical media is scratches on the working surface caused by an unwary user. Norazza has proposed a simple way to protect the disc from mechanical damage – d_skin, the “second skin” for optical media.

d_skin is made of ultra-thin plastic and is securely attached to the disc using Liplock Seal technology. The novelty can be used with all types of optical media, including CD, DVD and Blu ray. Although the manufacturer promises that d_skin will not affect the quality of video playback from protected discs, the extra layer will certainly make it difficult to read the data, and, accordingly, reduce the reading speed.

D_skin – $ 4 per piece, the novelty is sold in packs of 5, 20 and 50 pieces.

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