Geforce pcx 5750.


Geforce pcx 5750





Geforce pcx 5750.


Photo of the day: Intel D5400XS, a dual-processor board with unique cooling

A few months ago, the Intel Developers Forum debuted a Skulltrail board designed for two processors.
Now, when it comes to ready-made solutions, they look a little different than expected.

On the Intel D5400XS board, the place of modest aluminum chipsets covering the south bridge and NVIDIA nForce 100 MCP SLI chips (used to provide support for SLI configurations from NVIDIA video cards) was taken by a cooler similar to those found in video cards.

As you can see in the photos, the board is equipped with four PCI Express x16 and two PCI interfaces.

A pair of Xeons can be installed in Socket LGA771, including quad-core 45nm models.

The equipment is complemented by six SATA ports, a single PATA interface, two eSATA and Firewire each, a gigabit network adapter.

Well, AMD has decided not to develop its dual-processor gaming platform, and Intel is in no hurry to abandon this idea.

Skulltrail is expected to be officially announced in the next few weeks.

Source: HotHardware

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