Geforce4 mx 420.


Geforce4 mx 420





Geforce4 mx 420.


SPARKLE launches Caliber P860 Turbo with the same name button

A couple of months ago we wrote about the curious MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo graphics card, the main distinguishing feature of which was the “turbo” button, placed on the back plate and allowing one-click to overclock the accelerator by activating the second BIOS chip, which contains higher clock frequencies of the GPU and universal processors.

MicroStar did not remain alone with such a solution for a long time, now SPARKLE has presented its Caliber P860 Turbo accelerator, similar in functionality, built on the basis of the same G84 chip.

SPARKLE calls its technology Super Clock technology (SCT), but its essence is no different from MSI’s approach. When you press the coveted button, the second ROM chip is activated in which the following values ​​are recorded: CPU – 580 MHz, memory – 1500 MHz, frequency of universal processors – 1404 MHz, which will increase 3DMark06 up to 12%, says the manufacturer. Standard frequencies are 540/1440/1296 MHz.

As for the rest, we have before us an ordinary representative of the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT family with its 32 stream processors, 128-bit DDR3 memory bus, 256 MB, HDCP support, etc.d.

Outputs are HDTV-Out, D-Sub and DVI-I.


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