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Gefroce 7050.


SST89V54RD is the world’s smallest 8051 compatible microcontroller for mobile devices

Flash Memory Company Silicon Storage Technology (SST) Announces Expansion to the FlashFlex Family of 8-Bit, 8051 Compatible Microcontrollers with Onboard SuperFlash. The new product, designated SST89V54RD-33-C-QIF (SST89V54RD), comes in a tiny 6 x 6 x 0.7 mm WQFN package, making it the smallest product of its kind on the market, according to the company.

Miniature size and low power consumption open the way for the new chip to portable electronics. The main areas of application of the SST89V54RD, the manufacturer names laptops, MP3 players, GPS navigators and home entertainment devices, including products with HDMI support.

An important feature of the novelty is the support of flash memory programming functions after the device is manufactured and during its operation (in-system programming, ISP and in-application programming IAP). In particular, this makes it easier for manufacturers to develop and debug devices, and gives consumers the opportunity to update firmware to get new functionality and fix bugs. In addition, the reprogramming capability is an important component of remote diagnostics and monitoring in devices connected to a local network or the Internet.

SST89V54RD-33-C-QIF Samples Available Now. The wholesale price of microcontrollers is $ 1.2 per piece in a batch of 10 thousand. PC.

Source: Silicon Storage Technology

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