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Super Talent Announces 256GB SATA SSD Devices

Super Talent Technology recently announced
I-Temp SSD devices running in
extended temperature
mode, announced the release of capacious, 256-GB versions of drives on flash memory.

New, solid-state 256-GB “disk” model FSD56GC35M, as seen in the photo, has a Serial ATA (SATA) interface
and is made in the form factor 3.5 “. The manufacturer notes that FSD56GC35M is 100% interchangeable with a regular 3.5 “HDD, except for all the advantages that SSD devices have.

The operating temperature range for FSD56GC35M is between 0?From up to + 70?FROM. An industrial version is also available, model SS56GA6C35I, which belongs to the I-Temp series, which can operate with
lower (-40?C) and higher (+85?C) the maximum allowable temperature.

Super Talent is ready to start shipping
both new products immediately.

Source: Super Talent Technology

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