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DisplaySearch counts won’t appeal to Blu-ray fanatics

Market research firm DisplaySearch Releases State of the Next Generation Optical Media Market in 2021. In short, North America has already adopted the new technology; Toshiba leads by a huge margin among suppliers of stationary turntables.

At the same time, game consoles form the basis of the user park of devices supporting new media. Cumulative counting of data for the first three quarters of the year leads to a result of 85% – this is the share of this type of product in the total volume of equipment that allows you to play Blu-ray and HD DVD.

The most notable penetration of new technology in the US and Canadian markets – the share of the North American continent in the third quarter of 2021 accounted for more than 80% of global shipments.

It is significant that during this period in the segment of stationary players, Toshiba was in the lead by a colossal margin, leading the camp of HD DVD supporters. This company alone shipped 64% more devices worldwide in the first three quarters of 2021 than all Blu-ray manufacturers combined.

As far as the Blu-ray hardware market is concerned, it is essentially a single device market – the Sony PlayStation 3 game console. These consoles accounted for 97% of global Blu-ray hardware shipments during the above period.

In other words, as much as Blu-ray supporters would like to quickly declare victory in the optical format war, analysts’ calculations are sobering. As a matter of fact, all the benefits of Blu-ray are concentrated in the gaming console niche. Stationary turntable buyers around the world have preferred Toshiba products. However, in the modern world, the real state of affairs often does not play such a role as carefully planned advertising pressure – in order to win the market, you first need to win in the minds of buyers, and for this you do not have to offer a better product or sell more devices at an affordable price. You can simply trumpet your victory at every corner until consumers believe that this is exactly the case.

Source: DisplaySearch

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