Gpib usb hs.Downloading the Correct Driver for The GPIB-USB-HS(+)


Gpib usb hs


Environment.Downloading the Correct Driver for The GPIB-USB-HS(+) – National Instruments


Mar 20,  · USB, IEEE GPIB Instrument Control Device Transfer rates up to MB/s (IEEE ), MB/s (HS) Plug-and-play interface No GPIB cable requirement for instrument connection. GPIB USB HS IEEE 01 interface USB HS GPIB Box cable CD Order/Check Details: Original Price: US $ Disco. GPIB-USB-HS: Mbytes/s The National Instruments GPIB-USB transforms any computer with a USB port into a full-function IEEE controller. It can then control up to 14 programmable GPIB .


Gpib usb hs.Genuine NI GPIB-USB-HS warning message – NI Community

May 03,  · 我正在使用gpib-usb-hs或gpib-usb-hs +电缆。我需要哪个驱动程序,在哪里可以找到它?. GPIB USB HS IEEE 01 interface USB HS GPIB Box cable CD Order/Check Details: Original Price: US $ Disco. Jan 14,  · Solution. Make sure you have the latest compatible NI driver version installed. See what driver version is currently installed by expanding the Software tab in MAX. Determine if it is a compatible version by referring to Downloading the Correct Driver for the GPIB-USB-HS (+).
Cannot Detect NI GPIB-USB-HS Device in NI-MAX
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Staccato Communications Promotes Wireless USB

The rate of spread of new technologies is largely determined by whether manufacturers have the right hardware components and development tools. This is why chip makers rush to release products without waiting for official approval of standards; developers of design and test tools offer platforms that accelerate development; and designers create samples of structures (reference designs), ready for replication or use as a starting point in the creation of original electronic devices.

By the way, the product from the note to which the last link points belongs to the same category – Wireless USB, as the new product presented the other day by Staccato Communications. The specialists of this company have prepared a set of developers for devices with support for Wireless USB, based on the single-chip solution Ripcord1. The specified solution has received the Wireless USB certificate and is designed to be released using CMOS technology.

New Staccato Communications product named Ripcord1 Development Kit (DVK). It is a fully integrated development environment that the company believes will accelerate the design of Wireless USB devices. The kit includes all the necessary hardware (a single-board Linux computer based on XScale PXA270, two boards with Ripcord1 and samples of antennas from independent manufacturers), software and documentation.

Source: Staccato Communications

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