Griffin powermate driver.


Griffin powermate driver





Griffin powermate driver.


Wacom’s New Bamboo: Bamboo Fun Tablets

Well known to designers for its drawing tablets, Wacom recently
presented models – Bamboo Fun (about
Bamboo we already
reported earlier). They are characterized as small
format and reasonable price. Announcement by announcement, but real availability on the market
is of great importance. These models have just gone on sale.

Bamboo Fun features 512 levels of pressure sensitivity,
2540 lines per inch resolution, equipped with four ExpressKeys. To choose
the buyer is provided with models with a body color in black, blue, silver
and white and colors. PC connection – traditionally via USB cable.

Bamboo Fun series tablets are available in two sizes. They are named simply and clearly
– Small (21.1×18.4×0.75 cm) and Medium (27.7×23.44×0.75 cm), which is translated
mean small and medium, they cost $ 99 and $ 199, respectively. Plain Bamboo,
recall, was
estimated by the manufacturer at $ 79. Prices are for the US market, where tablets are already
went on sale.

Source: Wacom

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