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THE FUTURE OF SOUND.Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session Software & Hardware Review – Premier Guitar


Nov 20,  · The NI User Libraries are comprehensive databases for registered users to share your own sounds and instruments with others. Browse for the latest additions and log-in . 1 Welcome to GUITAR RIG SESSION! GUITAR RIG SESSION is the perfect recording solution for guitarists, bass players and song-writers. It consists of two products: the compact audio-interface GUITAR RIG SESSION I/O and the Essential version of the digital guitar studio GUITAR RIG 4. The GUITAR RIG SESSION I/O is a high quality audio interface designed and optimized for. Thanks to the versatile SESSION I/O audio interface, you can also use Guitar Rig SESSION to record your vocals through the phantom-powered studio-quality microphone preamp. What’s more, you can simultaneously record your guitar or bass using the additional Instrument/Hi-Z input. .


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Sep 22,  · Petite review du Session In/Out. Connect your guitar or bass to the in- strument input 1 of the SESSION I/O interface. Make sure the Line/Instru- ment switch is set to Instrument. To use a microphone, connect it to the XLR input. Please refer to the SESSION I/O manual for more infor- mation. Skip to main content Skip to footer site Used Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session IO Audio Interface false.
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session IO Hardware Only AS IS
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Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session IO Hardware Only AS IS | Reverb

Guitar Rig Session is an inexpensive and portable alternative to higher-end recording interfaces
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