Hauppauge 950q driver.


Hauppauge 950q driver





Hauppauge 950q driver.


Diagnostics: Gigabyte i-Cool v.B07.0904.one

i-Cool – A utility for intelligently managing processor performance and reducing fan noise Thermal and noise performance is becoming increasingly important in today’s computer systems. Every user wants a computer with efficient cooling and low noise. GIGABYTE i-Cool Utility allows you to control the CPU clock speed and adjust the fan speed of the heatsink, reducing the heat generated by the processor and reducing the noise level of the computer.

To do this, the i-Cool utility provides 5 processor power consumption modes, focused on applications with different performance requirements. In addition, the utility adjusts the speed of the processor fan, providing the best balance of heat dissipation and noise reduction.

Mode 1 is most suitable for working with an Internet browser and office applications such as text editors; in this mode, processor performance is set to 12.5% of maximum value. Mode 2 corresponds to processor performance 25% of maximum. This mode is well suited for watching DVD movies and playing music, as.e. for applications where noise reduction is especially important. For mode 3, processor performance is set to 50% – this performance is sufficient for tasks such as copying files and defragmenting the disk. For more resource-intensive applications, such as scanning the system for viruses or editing music and photos, mode 4 is best suited, in which the processor performance is 75% of the maximum. For the most demanding applications, such as 3D games or 3D editing, Mode 5 is required, in which CPU performance is 100% of maximum.

The i-Cool utility is aimed at both technically advanced and general users. It provides a convenient indication of the current state of the processor, showing the estimated power consumption, cooling fan noise level and performance for each selected operating mode. The user can also select the automatic intelligent processor control mode, which dynamically adjusts performance based on which applications are currently open.

Phase 1 GIGABYTE i-Cool will be supported by GIGABYTE motherboards based on Intel 945 series chipsets. This utility can be downloaded free of charge from the official GIGABYTE website at this address (2.9 MB, Freeware, Windows 2000 / XP).

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