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Hd 6670 drivers





Hd 6670 drivers.


Zserver Suite 5.0: new version of a famous product

SecurIT announces the release of a new version of the well-known product Zserver Suite 5.0.

Zserver Suite 5.0 is designed to protect data stored on servers, hard drives, SAN storages, magnetic tapes and CD / DVD disks using transparent encryption and ensures the confidentiality of information in cases of loss or theft of media.

In the new version of Zserver Suite 5.0 security mechanisms have been significantly upgraded, in particular, multi-threaded encryption has been implemented, which allows optimal use of the computing resources of multiprocessor and multi-core servers. In addition, advanced capabilities for the generation and management of encryption keys have been added, in particular, the generation of encryption keys using the Quantis quantum random number generator and sound card noise is supported.

To increase the reliability of protection, a new unique feature has appeared in the system – the differentiation of application access to encrypted disks. This feature allows, for example, to allow access to database files only to the application that directly works with it (DBMS), and for all other applications, including Windows Explorer and file managers, access can be denied. This will significantly reduce the risk of information theft while the disks are open and users are working with them.

Much has been done in the new version and for the convenience of managing the system. In particular, remote control using Windows authentication has been implemented, the capabilities for configuring Zserver and event logging have been significantly expanded, and the capabilities for managing the system via the COM interface have been added.

Cost of Zserver Suite 5 software.0 will remain the same. Updating system users from the previous version of Zserver will be carried out free of charge until the end of 2021, then – for 30% of the cost.

The module that implements the differentiation of access to applications is combined in the new version with the module for protecting network resources and will be delivered as a package for controlling access to protected disks for an additional fee. The recommended price for it will be 50 thousand. rub.

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