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Hd 8370d.


Photo of the day: new stock Intel Wolfdale cooler

45nm Intel Wolfdale processors (Core 2 Duo E8000) not only feature a new process technology, increased cache memory, high frequencies, but also changes in packaging design and cooling system.

The effect of more advanced technology standards coupled with high dielectric constant (high-k) hafnium insulators can be said to be visible to the naked eye. To do this, just look at the new standard cooling system for the Core 2 Duo E8000 processors (pictured on the left), which will replace the very successful coolers used with the Core 2 Duo E6000 processors.

As you can see in the given photo, the heatsink has become much smaller, despite the fact that the thermal package of the new processors has not changed and is still the same 65 W.

Well, even such a small detail can reduce production costs. Surely, Intel calculated this before approving the final design of the new cooler.

Source: TCmagazine

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