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Intermolecular and mysterious “Japanese chip maker” to develop new memory

Intermolecular Announces Partnership with “Japan’s Leading Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer”, whose name has not been disclosed. The Collaborative Development Program (CDP) will showcase the High-Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) technology developed by Intermolecular to accelerate research into memory materials, workflows and integration approaches. CDP technology utilizes new vapor deposition (PVD) systems installed at Intermolecular’s U.S. lab.

Mysterious Japanese partner decided to participate in the program after practical testing of the production process using PVD. Part of the Intermolecular Tempus HPC platform, PVD systems enable rapid process design, including gate shaping with high dielectric constant (high-k) metals and materials, and copper pads and interconnects in logic and memory devices. The high development speed characteristic of this platform is ensured, in particular, by the use of a massively parallel computing system. In addition, it is claimed to reduce design risk and reduce costs.

At the moment, Intermolecular is the only supplier in the industry of fully integrated “combinatorial technology” in R&D, built on the use of technical tools that radically accelerate the process of finding and creating new materials, technological methods and semiconductor structures.

The timing of the appearance on the market of commercial products that will be created as a result of cooperation is still unknown.

Source: Intermolecular

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