Hewlett packard designjet 9000s.


Hewlett packard designjet 9000s





Hewlett packard designjet 9000s.


Diagnostics: Intel Processor Identification Utility v.3.7

Intel Processor ID Utility is software used to identify Intel processors. Through this program, you will be able to identify the brand, features, mounting kit, nominal and actual operating frequencies of your Intel microprocessors.

The main functions available using the buttons located on the left side of the program window:

  • The “Frequency Test” section of the program provides information about the operating state of the selected processor.
  • The CPU Technologies section of the program displays the Intel processor technologies and features available on the selected processor.
  • The “CPUID Data” section of the program identifies the Intel processors in the system.
  • The “Save” function allows you to save information about the processor to a text file.
  • And t.d.

Download Intel Processor Identification Utility v.3.7 at the following addresses (Freeware, Windows All):

  • Russian version (1.1 Mb)
  • English version (1.0 MB)
  • Downloadable version (135 Kb)

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