Hewlett packard photosmart m407.


Hewlett packard photosmart m407





Hewlett packard photosmart m407.


AMD RV635 XT and Pro tentative release dates announced

According to a source citing video adapter manufacturers, early next year, AMD plans to release two versions of products based on the RV635 GPU, which are still known under the designations RV635 XT and RV635 Pro.

The RV635 XT modification is said to be rated at 800 MHz. Reference boards based on this processor will be equipped with 256MB of GDDR3 memory. The RV635 Pro graphics processor will not operate at 600 MHz, and 512 MB of GDDR-2 memory will be installed on video cards with this chip. Both processors will exchange memory over a 128-bit bus.

According to the source, AMD partners should have engineering samples of the RV635 Pro this month. The RV635 XT and RV635 Pro are expected to hit the market in January and February 2021, respectively. However, there are no manufacturer comments on this topic yet, since, as you know, AMD does not provide information on products that have not been officially presented.

Source: DigiTimes

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