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Hp 4345 driver.


Freescale licenses graphics technology from AMD for mobile processors

AMD Developments to Accelerate the Graphical User Interface, Navigation, and Mobile Internet Access in Freescale Handheld Consumer Electronics Devices.

AMD is licensing unique 2D and 3D graphics technologies to Freescale Semiconductor, one of the world’s largest mobile and multimedia platform solutions, the source said.

Freescale intends to use best-in-class graphics cores with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.0 in processors i.MX. AMD designs were selected for their inherent combination of high performance and low power consumption – key metrics for mobile applications such as games, navigation and user interface. Processors i.MX, which will use the aforementioned technology, are intended for portable players and navigators, consumer and automotive electronics.

AMD became the leading provider of mobile solutions in the field of 2D and 3D graphics after the acquisition of the renowned manufacturer of discrete graphics processors for mobile equipment ATI Technologies in 2021. AMD (ATI) proprietary products in this category include AMD Imageon multimedia processors that support mobile TV, photography, video telephony, sound recording and 3D graphics.

As a reminder, starting in February of this year, AMD has allocated licensing of mobile graphics technologies to semiconductor manufacturers as an independent line of business.

Source: AMD

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